Canadian mink fur coats

Canadian mink is the most valuable and high quality breed, its fur hair is very short, thick and silky. These fur qualities create velvet effect and provide an extremely elegant and majestic appearance. There is a rare species of mink with super short hair, down is slightly higher than the pile. This Canadian mink fur is exclusive. All North American mink fur is to the grown in the US - BLACKGLAMA® and in Canada - BLACK NAFA®. The fur is sold at world famous fur auctions - NAFA (Canada) and AMERICAN LEGEND (USA). Canadian mink fur coat is a dream of every woman, and this outfit makes feeling like a real queen! What is the price of the expensive mink fur coat? There is no doubt – the price is not low, but buying fashionable and elegant mink fur coat you will find true luxury that will make everyone admiring you!