The brand with several decades’ history, luxurious fur and unique style: now you can buy Blackglama in Ivano-Frankivsk on our website of mink fur coats. Here are presented the latest collections, which become the reference for all the leading manufacturers of fur products. Just so, because Blekhlama embodies the best in the world fur fashion.

Judge for yourself: not more than 2% of North American black mink population bred by about 220 farms in the United States claim for Blackglama label. Therefore, within more than 3 decades it is a standard of the highest quality. Today you can buy Blackglama fur coats in Ivano-Frankivsk, where a wide range of famous brand clothing is presented.

Canadian mink fur coats


Canadian mink is the most valuable and high quality breed, its fur hair is very short, thick and silky. These fur qualities create velvet effect and provide an extremely elegant and majestic appearance. There is a rare species of mink with super short hair, down is slightly higher than the pile. This Canadian mink fur is exclusive. All North American mink fur is to the grown in the US - BLACKGLAMA® and in Canada - BLACK NAFA®. The fur is sold at world famous fur auctions - NAFA (Canada) and AMERICAN LEGEND (USA). Canadian mink fur coat is a dream of every woman, and this outfit makes feeling like a real queen! What is the price of the expensive mink fur coat? There is no doubt – the price is not low, but buying fashionable and elegant mink fur coat you will find true luxury that will make everyone admiring you!

Fur coats of Scandinavian mink

Scandinavian mink is popular all over the world and is distinguished by an average length of beard hairs and down thickness. Scandinavian mink can be both short furred - Danish mink and high furred - Finnish mink. The colour scheme is rich to shades of brown with slight variations in the direction of black or gray. It is resistant to water, good in wear. With all the same characteristics, this type of the fur is cheaper than its counterpart - Canadian mink fur.