Only the best fur of the North American black mink deserves Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA labels. It is a rare type of mink that has a low natural hair, velvety undercoat and natural rich black colour. Less than 2% of the world’s mink production deserves the Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA labels.

Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA are the highest quality mink in today’s fur market, because our manufacturers are the professionals in their industry. The knowledge and the experience of NAFA fur manufacturers are without equal in the fur business, as it is the result of years in skills refining to grow a high quality product.

Like all NAFA minks Black NAFA and BLACKGLAMA are manufactured with the particular care to preserve the population in accordance with national standards, laws and regulations.


NAFA labels represent the best collections of the most luxurious fur in the world. Only the fur sold at NAFA bidding and evaluated by the NAFA experts can hold the NAFA label. The NAFA quality labels family includes Black NAFA, BLACKGLAMA, NAFA Mink, NAFA Northern and NAFA Fox. The products with NAFA quality labels give the consumers, designers and manufacturers the confidence that these furs meet the highest quality standards.


NAFA’s customers are the notable couturiers, who create pret-a-porter collections, brands in fur outerwear, as well as aspiring designers who have high expectations. The 2019/20 advertising campaign highlights all the latest trends in the new fur fashion season: colors, styles and innovative solutions.

NAFA’s overriding task is to provide an environmentally friendly product obtained in a humane way from the producers that adhere to high environmental standards and care for the well-being and conservation of the fur animals’ population.

NAFA is convinced that the high quality of a product depends on its source. NAFA’s best family farms in North America and Europe, as well as independent hunters hunting furs throughout the North American region, provide the fur. NAFA is proud of its heritage and modern collection of farm and wild fur. The North American Fur Auction intends to work with various industries in the fur branch to support the development and implementation of the certified and proven fur, so that the buyers are sure that the fur remains a fashionable and responsible choice in the future.

Toronto-based North American Fur Auction (NAFA) is the oldest auction house in the world, dating back to the foundation of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) in 1670.


Clothing design is the art of expressing your thoughts and feelings through the use of materials. As the architects in the fashion world, many couturiers and pret-a-porter designers have mastered the art of work with the fur. They have felt the value of this material and create the great models for all lifestyles.

Black NAFA

Black NAFA black mink of the highest quality is the undisputed favorite for the majority of designers around the world. Fashion makers have discovered this short silky black fur with a deep dense undercoat that, like a luxurious fabric, wraps the body with the extraordinary sensuality.

Less than 2% of all fur products in the world deserve to have a Black NAFA label. Combining the unique design, high sewing skills, and Black NAFA black mink, designers received the incomparable and beautiful natural fur products.


NAFA is well known all over the world for its mink collection with an extremely rich natural color palette. Deep dark brown shades of the mahogany, bright sapphire blue, iris blue, soft and delicate pearl and white shades are some of the trendiest colors of this season.

The designers are inspired with the natural quality of the farm mink. In their hands, the furs take a shape, turning into beautiful silhouettes that impress with the elegance and the sophistication.

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