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In our shop, you can amuse yourself both with the works of our designers, and with the works made according to the patterns of the leading Italian designers. Our products tailoring is carried out exclusively out of the highest-class mink purchased at the auctions like NAFA, Kopenhagen fur and American legend.

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Every woman dreams to purchase a luxurious fur coat.
Here you can buy the fur products made of fox, mink, sable, and chinchilla.
The fur of our store is distinguished with high quality, impeccable tailoring, sophisticated fashionable, modern models. Our fur has many features that characterize it as the quality products. Namely, it is weather resistant, twinkly, silky, thick-shafty, equally smooth throughout the surface.

You can buy your dream fur from our store.
A wide choice of fur products meet your every need; fast service available for you.

Visit Tysmenytsia city at Kosti Levytskoho Str. and select the product tasting. Make a nice gift for your beloved one by ordering a fur product via the web-site. Fill in the form and our manager will contact you to confirm your order.

Catalog of fur coats

After the being purchased at the auctions, the skins are sent to the leading European factories for fur processing. Everything is done in accordance with international standards that is why you can be sure of the quality and environmental friendliness of the materials we use. Due to the proper fur processing, its service life is increased several times. And the skin becomes much more elastic, lighter, which greatly increases the practicality of the product. These products are better than down jackets or sports jackets, since the fur is much warmer, environmentally friendly and durable material.

And if you have any questions how to clean your fur, we will always help you to resolve it successfully. Since the fur is less polluted than the conventional materials and does not require a special care. It has water and dust repellency properties. If you get wet in the snow, all you have to do is shake the fur and hang it on the right hang. And nothing more needs to be done.

  • It is recommended to clean the fur every 5-6 years, and the light product if necessary even more often: every 3-4 years.
  • The first cleaning and accessories replacement for our products is free of charge under the warranty.
  • The warranty period is 1 year, but this does not exclude free cleaning and replacement.
  • We repair the product in the post-warranty period for payment.

Dear visitors of our web-site!

We offer you to buy a fur coat in the «FUR world» company shop! We offer good prices for fur coats. A wide range of fur clothing and accessories is available for you, among which everyone will be able to choose what he likes!

Obviously, buying fur in Tysmenytsia city or Ivano-Frankivsk today is quite easy. Another question is how to find a truly high-quality mink or beaver fur product? The answer is simple: contact the «FUR world» store, where you are guaranteed to get 100% quality for each model, confirmed with the certificates and reviews of the grateful customers!

Check out the offer on the web-site and see for yourself: the sale of fur coats in our store is significantly different from the other with the prices and quality. We offer truly high-quality models that will last you many years without losing the appearance.

The chain of branded stores «FUR world» in Tysmenytsia and Ivano-Frankivsk

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