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We represent models that embody the latest trends and requirements of fur fashion:


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wide range of choices;

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Every woman dreams to buy a luxurious fur coat of high quality of fur.
We have fur products from arctic fox, mink, sable, chinchilla.
Furs of our store are of high quality, impeccable tailored, elegantly fashioned and of modern models. Our fur has many features which characterize it as qualitative product. Namely – it is resistant to weather extremes, shiny, silky, thick-haired, of the same level over the entire surface.

You can buy your dream fur at our shop.
At your service we offer you a wide range of fur products for every taste and prompt attention.

Visit shopping center “Zebra” on Sheptytskyi square in Ivano-Frankivsk city, or to our shop on Kostia Levytskyi street in Tysmenytsia and choose a fur product to your taste.Make a nice gift to your loved ones – order a fur product on the web-site. Fill in the form and our manager will contact you to confirm your order.

ХУТРОвий світ, шуби тисмениця, ціни на шуби, купити шубуDear visitors of our web-site! We suggest you to buy a fur coat in the brand shop “KHUTROvyi svit”!  We offer  reasonable prices for fur coats.  For you there is a wide range of fur clothing and accessories, among which everyone can find what he will like!

 Obviously, it is quite simple to buy fur in Tysmenytsia or Ivano-Frankivsk. Another question is how to find a really qualitative fur product made from mink or beaver? fur? The answer is simple – visit the “KHUTROvyi svit” store, where we guarantee you each model one hundred percent quality, confirmed by certificates and opinions of grateful clients!

Get acquainted with the proposal on the web-site and make sure: fur coats in our store significantly differ from others by price and quality. We offer really high-quality models that will serve you for many years without losing appearance.

Chain of brand stores “KHUTROvyi svit” - Tysmenytsia and Ivano-Frankivsk.